Vernon Brewer

World Help
Founder and President

I have known members of the One Another staff for over 30 years. I can say without hesitation that they are not only extremely well qualified for the task of providing much needed care, concern, guidance and counseling for God’s choicest servants working in often difficult and trying circumstances – they do so from hearts of compassion. One Another saw a need, and stepped in to fill it.

World Help has benefitted directly from their services, most notably for an Iraqi pastor and his family, providing counseling and guidance during the most trying times of their lives. This pastor’s life and ministry have been restored, and countless lives are being touched as a direct result of timely assistance from One Another.

One Another’s love for the people they serve is abundantly evident. I gladly refer them as an excellent source of biblical and godly counseling and guidance. I have personally been a financial supporter of One Another for several years, and I encourage you to consider doing the same.