Mike Waddell

Mike is the author of the Growing the Servant Heart development programme for Christian Leaders. Its goal is to encourage Christian leaders to grow and live out a Christ-like, servant-hearted character as they lead others in church, executive and team situations.

Growing the Servant Heart is available as a free, on-line, self-paced training programme. You can learn more about it here.

Before joining One Another Ministries, Mike worked with Claybury International where the late Colin Buckland, alongside Rick Sessoms, developed the Christ-centered servant leadership curriculum, which underpins Growing the Servant Heart. For over 30 years, Claybury nurtured leaders around the world in the church, mission agencies, and Christian enterprises to grow and live out a Christ-like servant-hearted character as they lead others. This work included a long term relationship with TWR.

Mike is British and lives in the UK where he joined the Claybury team in 2007 and then One Another at the end of 2013, when the organisations merged. His background is in the global telecoms industry where he worked for several blue chip equipment vendors, including Nortel. He enjoyed the challenges of an international industry, working closely with clients and speaking at industry conferences in many countries. In Nortel, Mike was co-founder and executive team member of a spin-out business, Cerebrus Solutions. Cerebrus specialised in providing fraud management systems to mobile and fixed line service providers around the world. As VP for Professional Services, Mike was responsible for the teams implementing these systems for Cerebrus' customers. He then joined Lavastorm Analytics in a similar role based in Stockholm.

After graduation, Mike started his working life in 1976 as an electronics engineer with ITT. Over the years he has developed considerable experience working in an international environment, leading multi-national teams which implemented complex projects in rapidly changing environments. He is an elder of Letchworth Baptist Church, England, and has been in church leadership roles for 25 years. He lives in Letchworth with his wife Janet; they have two adult children.

Mike is also the author of Project Management for Christian Leaders which is a free resource. The 180 pages provide a servant leader's insight into the true nature of projects, keeping strategies and plans in line with God's purpose, while leading the project team members to achieve their full potential. It sets out simple but comprehensive approaches for project planning and execution, and it offers practical guidance for dealing with common issues, whilst keeping in mind the needs of both church and organisational project managers.