Liz Gold

Reach Global
Missions Director
Reach Global

One Another Ministries has my recommendation as a top class organization addressing a vital need of the church and mission agency. Their professional services excel in helping the Western missionary and National worker understand those specific problems that will come up as they serve in Christian work. I am impressed with the fact that they spend half of their time serving in the field where the worker is and the other half of the time training or counseling in hospitable settings for the attendees.

We need more services like One Another Ministries that will help us: address the “baggage” before the missionary leaves for the field, prepare them for conflict resolution among their team members, and help them reconcile those problems that weren’t addressed beforehand. I recommend One Another Ministries to anyone who wants to be proactive in providing the best for their personnel and preventing attrition before it starts. One Another Ministries is serving the cause of Christ by strengthening and encouraging the ministry of Christian workers worldwide.