Gay Littleford

Gay and her husband Stan serve as missionaries with the International Mission Board (IMB). They were appointed in 1998 serving in Africa for the first 17 years and currently serving in the United Kingdom. Gay also lived in Africa as a child with her missionary parents until she returned to the United Sates for university. Gay and Stan have three grown daughters, three wonderful sons-in-law, and are blessed with five grandchildren.

Gay has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and taught kindergarten and first grade in the United States before moving overseas. She has been involved in church planting, women’s ministry, managing mission guest houses, and mentoring/disciplining young adults over the years. In 2015 Gay went back to school and has earned her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. She has been using this to minister locally as she sees clients.

Gay has a heart to minister to Christian workers abroad who may be struggling or in crisis and need someone to walk through the experience with them. While serving in Africa, Gay was struggling with some childhood trauma and reached out for help. Having a Christian Missionary counselor to work with and share her experience was a blessing, healing, and life giving. Partnering with One Another Ministries is an opportunity to serve others as they reach the Nations with the Good News.
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