Shoulder to Shoulder exists to empower, equip, and encourage single mission workers, their teams and their agencies as they serve in cross-cultural ministry.

We do this by:
  • Coming alongside mission leaders and teams
  • Encouraging biblical reflection on issues related to the value of singleness and marriage within the spiritual family of Christ.
  • Providing resources and training
Solid biblical theology leads to sound practical theology in living out the reality of who we are in Christ, as we serve on teams in mission together. This involves effectively leveraging all individuals, be they single or married, with or without children, as fully complete in Christ, and uniquely equipped members of our mission teams. It also entails understanding the unique challenges singles and marrieds each face working together as teams in the body of Christ.

Shoulder to Shoulder exists to come alongside cross-cultural workers, mission teams, and organizations with resources, specialized training events for missions or personalized encouragement for individuals.

Contact us if you have questions about the way in which we can serve you or your mission agency.

Upcoming events


Thriving in spiritual family

Fresh perspectives on marriage, sexuality & singleness
in cross-cultural ministry


January 23-27, 2023

A gathering: Plenary sessions and interactive focus groups

Primary Audience: Mission leaders and individuals who are influencers; married and single
  • Purpose: Understanding a biblical foundation of theology of marriage, sexuality, and singleness can impact and change our perspectives; especially since we function best within a spiritual family. How does it apply to my life, team, and mission?
  • Our time will include plenary sessions, times for refreshment, and interactive focus groups will include singles, single again, and married – with or without children.
“Our culture had influenced our outlook on singleness, marriage, and bearing children. Participating in this conference challenged and changed us. Whether married or single, we have the privilege of influencing spiritual children. …We gained a renewed sense of the value we each bring as single and married co-workers. Affirmed in our calling as sacred siblings, may we continue to live for the glory of the One we love and serve.”
Sue & Don Eenigenburg, Christar


The following list of resources is offered for information only and does not imply an endorsement of or agreement with any of the authors or their views.

John Piper
Single in Christ

David Platt
Radically Single

Barry Danylak
What the Bible Says about Singleness

Tim Keller
Theology of Singleness