Good stewardship of quality personnel has always been at the heart and motivation of One Another Ministries. Missionaries face challenges on the field that often require care at the point of need.

One Another began in July 1997, in response to this need. While organizations were experiencing increased attrition rates, the loss of missionaries on the front line was becoming critical and essential to taking the Gospel to the unreached.

The ministry began under the direction of Dr. Robert Lugar, along with Dorcas Harbin, Dr. Rick Lange and a multi-agency board of directors. We responded by moving close to the front lines, and remained accessible to those needing help. Our first base of operation was Toulouse, France, then moving to Montpellier in 2001. Our team was small, yet specialized. In 2012, we relocated to Cannock, England affording us more access to a larger number of people. From here we carry out our mission of training, consulting, counseling, and resourcing personnel. For almost 22 years, we have been privileged to serve over 6730 missionaries of more than 101 nationalities who serve with more than 260 mission agencies in over 144 countries of the world.

Our core ethos continues to inspire us to provide a safe place, confidentiality, and give every missionary the opportunity to “tell their story”. We continue to provide tools Christian workers can use to make their lives and ministries more joyful and effective over the long-term, because when a missionary is encouraged, the Light of the Gospel shines brighter where they serve.