Jesus: The Role Model for Christian Leadership

There is a lot that is said and written about Christian leadership. Much of it is not actually about leadership at all, but is focused on theological, expositional, hermeneutical, worship facilitation and communications skills. It’s also sad to say that Christian leadership today seems frequently to get confused with the modern concept of celebrity. Where consideration is given to the vital skills of people and organizational leadership, the Christian world so often seems to call upon secular, worldly models, passing over the one role model who should be in focus – Jesus Christ.

The Christian Servant Leader’s Role Model: Jesus’ People Development Strategies

Often as Christian leaders we look to Jesus only as a spiritual role model and then we look to the world for our models of leadership. Whilst the world’s models are not always bad, many aspects of them are poor from a Christian perspective or need to be tempered with the Gospel. Because Jesus, amongst other things, is the role model for the whole of the Christian’s life we can, if we look, learn from him how to be Christ-like Christian leaders.

Be The Best Christian Leader That You Can

How you are as a leader of people is probably the most significant factor in the success of your organisation or team. Excellent leadership inspires an organisation’s people to greater commitment, enabling them to achieve their full potential. With that comes the reward of an organisation that makes the most of its opportunities and resources. A team that, man for man, achieves more than might otherwise be expected; plus the bonus: a more enjoyable and satisfying experience

The big question over leadership is “Can anyone be a great leader? Can you be a great leader? A Winston Churchill or a Nelson Mandela? May be not, but can you develop excellent leadership skills? For sure, if you want to; pretty much anyone can. Excellent leadership is not about being born to it, it is a skill set that can be developed. From the Christian leader’s perspective it is also about conforming more and more to the character of Jesus. But it has to be said, it seldom just happens, you have to work at developing excellent Christian Leadership skills.

Christian Leader, How Well is Your Team Doing?

It has been said that a team is not a team until it has been made into one, before then it remains a group. At best a group delivers the same result as if its members worked individually. At worst they work against each other reducing effectiveness and often creating a toxic atmosphere which spills over and poisons everyone else. Where is your team on the scale ranging from: pulling against each other, to parity with a group of individuals, to performance that exceeds expectations? Read this article to find out.

The King Who Led with a Towel – Jesus the Servant Leadership Role Model

Jesus was role model for leaders. This article looks at lessons that he taught his disciples about being servant leaders. They are valuable lessons in Christian leadership for both church and organisational settings. This article looks at leadership lessons that Jesus taught his disciples by example.