Growing the Servant Heart

  [KGVID poster=”” width=”300″ height=”168″][/KGVID] Growing the Servant Heart encourages the growth of a Christ-centred character for leaders and goes on to recommend practical approaches to help them live this out in day-to-day leadership situations. The tools have been chosen because they enable Christians who are leaders to put into practice the character and attitude that Jesus taught and modelled. …

Taming the Email Dragon: How to be a Responsible Emailer

While it has liberated communication it has also turned modern workers into the hi-tech equivalent of the industrial revolution’s mill workers. But there are ways to take control of email and make it an effective tool, to be a responsible emailer. Given the amount of time that cane be lost serving email this is especially important for the Third sector where money and resources are scarce. So, why not learn how to be a responsible emailer!

Communication Tips for Servant Leaders: Are You an Engaging Speaker or “Mogadon Man”?

The attitude that underpins effective communications skills for Christian leaders as thye practice servant leadership is recognising that as the speaker we must take responsibility for our listeners; take responsibility to ensure that they understand. It is not enough simply to speak and then pass the buck to them. The fact that we are speaking means that we have a vested interested in them understanding. It’s us that lose out if they don’t understand.

5 Mistakes That Lead to Ineffective Verbal Communications

One of the tenets of servant leadership is the desire to enable others to achieve their full potential and more than that, to deliberately act in a way that will enable them to do so. Central to this is communication. It is vital for us to be able to effectively communicate ideas, problems, objectives, methods and the like, to others. It is vital because they need to respond appropriately in order to achieve their full potential and in so doing assist us to achieve our desired goals. Whilst mostly we are all able to talk and listen this does not guarantee communication success. So here is the question for you: Do you make these 5 mistakes when you speak with people?