Man’s Plans And God’s Purposes: When Methods Have Their Place

When it comes to doing things to fulfil God’s Kingdom plan we both need and rely upon methods. Think about it for a minute; you use a method to make the porridge in the morning. I am using several methods as a write these words. The question is as Christian Leaders in Churches and organisations, when seeking to determine and do God’s will, how far can we go with methods? When are methods helpful and when do they hinder?

Man’s Plans And God’s Purposes: According To Whose Plans?

In the first article in the “Mans Plans and God’s Purposes” series we learned about implementing God’s plan from the failures of Joshua. In this article we look at experiences of both Paul and Peter to learn a little more about the ways God uses to reveal his plans and some of the challenges that we face in working out how we align what we do with God’s plans and purposes.

Man’s Plans and God’s Purposes: Being Effective for the Kingdom

Joshua lay face down in the dirt. Things had not gone according to plan. He had been there all day and had failed to work out what had happened. It was only now that God said to him “What are you doing down on your face?”
It had all been going so well, Jericho had fallen just as God said it would, albeit in a very strange way and the Canaanites had melted in fear. Now Joshua had instructed his men to attack Ai and they had been defeated, routed with 36 men had killed. What had gone wrong?

Taming the Email Dragon: How to be a Responsible Emailer

While it has liberated communication it has also turned modern workers into the hi-tech equivalent of the industrial revolution’s mill workers. But there are ways to take control of email and make it an effective tool, to be a responsible emailer. Given the amount of time that cane be lost serving email this is especially important for the Third sector where money and resources are scarce. So, why not learn how to be a responsible emailer!

Communication Tips for Servant Leaders: Are You an Engaging Speaker or “Mogadon Man”?

The attitude that underpins effective communications skills for Christian leaders as thye practice servant leadership is recognising that as the speaker we must take responsibility for our listeners; take responsibility to ensure that they understand. It is not enough simply to speak and then pass the buck to them. The fact that we are speaking means that we have a vested interested in them understanding. It’s us that lose out if they don’t understand.

5 Mistakes That Lead to Ineffective Verbal Communications

One of the tenets of servant leadership is the desire to enable others to achieve their full potential and more than that, to deliberately act in a way that will enable them to do so. Central to this is communication. It is vital for us to be able to effectively communicate ideas, problems, objectives, methods and the like, to others. It is vital because they need to respond appropriately in order to achieve their full potential and in so doing assist us to achieve our desired goals. Whilst mostly we are all able to talk and listen this does not guarantee communication success. So here is the question for you: Do you make these 5 mistakes when you speak with people?

Be The Best Christian Leader That You Can

How you are as a leader of people is probably the most significant factor in the success of your organisation or team. Excellent leadership inspires an organisation’s people to greater commitment, enabling them to achieve their full potential. With that comes the reward of an organisation that makes the most of its opportunities and resources. A team that, man for man, achieves more than might otherwise be expected; plus the bonus: a more enjoyable and satisfying experience

The big question over leadership is “Can anyone be a great leader? Can you be a great leader? A Winston Churchill or a Nelson Mandela? May be not, but can you develop excellent leadership skills? For sure, if you want to; pretty much anyone can. Excellent leadership is not about being born to it, it is a skill set that can be developed. From the Christian leader’s perspective it is also about conforming more and more to the character of Jesus. But it has to be said, it seldom just happens, you have to work at developing excellent Christian Leadership skills.

Christian Leader, How Well is Your Team Doing?

It has been said that a team is not a team until it has been made into one, before then it remains a group. At best a group delivers the same result as if its members worked individually. At worst they work against each other reducing effectiveness and often creating a toxic atmosphere which spills over and poisons everyone else. Where is your team on the scale ranging from: pulling against each other, to parity with a group of individuals, to performance that exceeds expectations? Read this article to find out.