January 2022 ANNUAL REPORT


In 2021, One Another Ministries was able to strengthen and encourage 518 missionaries and international Christian workers, and by extension strengthen the witness in the churches, ministries, agencies and communities where they serve!

Mission agencies – These workers were sent out by 59 different agencies.
  • Twelve of them were new for us.

Scope – One Another Ministries is truly international. In the past year have had the privilege of ministering to missionaries serving in 40 countries, including one for the first time -- for His Glory in the Nations.


Training, Consulting, Counseling, Crisis Management, Resourcing

Training events for groups offered in webinars, online, and in person
  • We provided training for 254 international Christian workers.
  • Shoulder to Shoulder continues to be a key initiative, highly valued in the mission community.
  • Interest in our First Priority online training initiative is growing.
Proactive services
  • 55% of our meetings with individuals, couples and small teams have been proactive in nature -- seeking to build up and prevent crises arising.
Responsive services
  • 45% of meetings were primarily responsive – dealing with problems, conflicts, crises, and traumas.


Global Ministry Impact
  • The One Another team worked with Christian workers of 19 different nationalities.
    • Two for the first time.
  • These workers are serving God in 40 different countries or regions of the world.
    • One of which was new to us.
Where were we?
  • 2021 proved to be a year of mixed in person and virtual meetings and training events. Our preference continues to be in person interaction and engagement with missionaries and international Christian workers. Yet we remain thankful for every opportunity to be a blessing for His glory!


One Another Ministries proclaims the message of Jesus Christ and provides professional training, consulting, counseling, and resourcing for the development and care of mission organizations and their members, churches on the mission field and their leaders.

We have been able to serve:
  • 8,386 missionaries and international Christian workers of
  • 109 different nationalities
  • serving in 149 countries (or regions)
  • through 287 sending agencies!