February 2020 ANNUAL REPORT


In 2019, One Another Ministries was able to strengthen and
encourage 555 missionaries and international Christian workers,
and by extension strengthen the witness in the churches,
ministries, agencies and communities where they serve!

Mission agencies – These workers were sent out by 54 different agencies

  • Thirteen of them were new for us

Level of intervention – Services were provided to:

  • 7 field or ministry team
  • 4 families
  • 42 couples
  • 137 individuals.


Training events for groups
  • We provided training for 265 international Christian workers through 10 training events

  • Proactive services
  • 40% of our work was primarily proactive in nature – helping ministries be more effective
  • Training, consulting, and debriefing

  • Responsive services
  • 60% of ministry time was primarily responsive in nature – dealing with problems, conflicts, crises, and traumas

  • Hospitality and lodging
  • We provided 455 guest days of hospitality for missionaries receiving services at our ministry centre
  • WHERE?

    Global Ministry Impact
    • 41% of our ministry impact was in Western Europe
    • 32% in Central & Eastern Europe
    • 11% in Africa, Middle East & Central Asia
    • 16% in the regions beyond and global
    Where did the clients come from?
    • We worked with Christian workers of 22 different nationalities
    Countries of service
    • These workers are serving God in 32 countries or regions
    Where were we?
    • 30% of the time one or more of our team traveled to the point of need
    • 70% of the time they came to us


    One Another Ministries proclaims the message of Jesus Christ and provides professional training, consulting, counseling, and resourcing for the development and care of mission organizations and their members, churches on the mission field and their leaders

    We have been able to serve:
    • 7,285 missionaries and international Christian workers of
    • 105 different nationalities
    • serving in 147 countries (or regions)
    • through 273 sending agencies!